Text Editors and IDEs

If you’re going to do any sort of work with scripting or programming you should understand the difference between a text editor and IDE. In Windows the difference between VS Code (my recommendation for IDE btw), Code::Blocks, and Notepad are pretty obvious. However, in Linux the line blurs a lot because you have robust editors… Continue reading Text Editors and IDEs

Passing Variables by Reference and Value

I recently covered soft and hard links in Linux, and figured it would be a good idea to follow up with passing variables into functions by reference and value. Every variable is assigned a memory address, just like files in Linux. Just like linking those files in Linux, you can do two different things with… Continue reading Passing Variables by Reference and Value

For, While, and “Do… While” Loops

Programming can be pretty loopy sometimes, and there are a few different types of primary loops you will encounter. The two most common loops are “for” and “while”. There are a few different reasons why you would use a loop, and I think the most common reason is to work through an array index by… Continue reading For, While, and “Do… While” Loops

Good Programming Comments

Writing good programming comments can be crucial to cooperation among programmers. Ideally variables and functions would be well named, but naming conventions are not perfect. Furthermore, code can become difficult to read pretty quickly. A lot of algorithms can be abstract, and you cannot control how built-in functions are named. They can also help when… Continue reading Good Programming Comments

Object Orientated Class is in Session

Up until recently I had been building up to Object Orientated Classes. I briefly discussed variables and functions, the building blocks of a class. While my take is a little simple I like to think of classes as custom data structures all their own. They allow you to associate any set of attributes that you… Continue reading Object Orientated Class is in Session

Safe Database Connections with Node JS

As I started to design my databases it occurred to me that I would need a safe way to store my credentials. A far too common mistake is to make credentials plaintext in source code and then store those credentials in a publicly accessible Github repository or file. Thankfully, people more educated than me have… Continue reading Safe Database Connections with Node JS

Brief PowerShell and Windows Command-Line Introduction

I decided to pivot just a little bit from the Cybersecurity content and do some work with PowerShell and Windows Command-Line. Understanding how to navigate a filesystem via Command-Line can be helpful for A+, but you do not need to be a professional. If you plan on learning skills like Cisco Networking then these skills… Continue reading Brief PowerShell and Windows Command-Line Introduction