Passing Variables by Reference and Value

I recently covered soft and hard links in Linux, and figured it would be a good idea to follow up with passing variables into functions by reference and value. Every variable is assigned a memory address, just like files in Linux. Just like linking those files in Linux, you can do two different things with… Continue reading Passing Variables by Reference and Value

Object Orientated Class is in Session

Up until recently I had been building up to Object Orientated Classes. I briefly discussed variables and functions, the building blocks of a class. While my take is a little simple I like to think of classes as custom data structures all their own. They allow you to associate any set of attributes that you… Continue reading Object Orientated Class is in Session

Let’s talk Functions

I think two of the biggest things I struggled with learning programming was understanding functions. On the surface they seem simple enough, you stick something in and something comes out. However, a poorly written function can have strange behaviors. Not to mention it is not always easy to determine when a function requires a return… Continue reading Let’s talk Functions