NodeJS Portfolio Update (October 9, 2023)

I got some work done this weekend, but not as much as I would have liked. I am trying to come up with a good system for handling database queries. I do not want the database open the entire time the site is up because that could be bad. On the other hand, I cannot… Continue reading NodeJS Portfolio Update (October 9, 2023)

NodeJS Progress Update (October 2nd, 2023)

I ran into a few snags, but for the most part I have everything for the main site in place on the development subdomain. The express server code performs MySQL queries just fine and everything. There are little changes I’ll need to make like getting all the images into place and getting their names into… Continue reading NodeJS Progress Update (October 2nd, 2023)

Node.JS deployment update

Screenshot of current deployment progress

Hi there, it’s been a few weeks or so since I migrated to this new VPS. There’s been a bit of a learning curve, and at one point I momentarily crashed the server by trying to open a port using the wrong firewall. Customer service fixed that for me pretty quickly, and told me which… Continue reading Node.JS deployment update

For, While, and “Do… While” Loops

Programming can be pretty loopy sometimes, and there are a few different types of primary loops you will encounter. The two most common loops are “for” and “while”. There are a few different reasons why you would use a loop, and I think the most common reason is to work through an array index by… Continue reading For, While, and “Do… While” Loops

Database Schema and API Finally Working Together

I’ve gone back and forth with myself on this topic because it was a tough problem to solve. Initially I decided on MySQL because I wanted a human readable schema, and JSON can be kind of difficult to read. However, a lot of the solutions I came across for handling JSON in Node.JS with MySQL… Continue reading Database Schema and API Finally Working Together


I know i keep saying it, but figuring out how to implement the API was easily the most difficult thing I’ve done so far. I had to combine information from a few sources, and still hack things together to get everything to work. One of the first things I have to say if is you… Continue reading XML and JSON

Solving “CORS Request did not Succeed” Error

I think this is a rare topic where StackOverflow actually gave me a completely ineffective answer. Generally there’s a step or two missing, and that’s okay. However, sometimes when CORS Requests fail it is not due to FireFox settings. I do not recommend messing with anything regarding website certificates unless you really know what you… Continue reading Solving “CORS Request did not Succeed” Error

Six Sigma for Website Design

In the past I mentioned if I were to ever make a big change I would use Six Sigma. Well, let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment. What I’ve done with JavaScript is very neat, but with each post it’s going to get larger. The problem is that eventually the script would become too… Continue reading Six Sigma for Website Design