How AI can Improve Music

According to my mom I’ve been a musician since before I could walk. She would fight me to get the Harmonica out of my mouth, and that progressed into playing piano. From there, I learned to play guitar and I’ve been playing ever since. In fact, I learned guitar specifically because I was cat fished… Continue reading How AI can Improve Music

Ads and Eavesdropping

The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica Scandal occurred right around my freshman year of college. The timing could not have been better for me because I needed to give an in depth presentation on something current in my public speaking class. I chose the topic because of its political implications at the time, and the misunderstanding surrounding algorithms.… Continue reading Ads and Eavesdropping

Language Learning Models and Intelligence

The “intelligence” of language learning models is a subject I have wanted to broach for awhile. As Artificial Intelligence becomes more impressive it seems the definition of “intelligence” in some circles is changing. I have seen videos on LinkedIn where people claim nearly every job will be taken by Artificial Intelligence, and honestly I disagree.… Continue reading Language Learning Models and Intelligence