For, While, and “Do… While” Loops

Programming can be pretty loopy sometimes, and there are a few different types of primary loops you will encounter. The two most common loops are “for” and “while”. There are a few different reasons why you would use a loop, and I think the most common reason is to work through an array index by… Continue reading For, While, and “Do… While” Loops

Characters, Strings, and Arrays

Previously I wrote about primitive data types, and I’d like to expand on that by covering strings and arrays. For me, the easiest way to think of a string is as an array of characters; An array is just a collection of items that consist of a specific data type. In general, every character is… Continue reading Characters, Strings, and Arrays

Brief PowerShell and Windows Command-Line Introduction

I decided to pivot just a little bit from the Cybersecurity content and do some work with PowerShell and Windows Command-Line. Understanding how to navigate a filesystem via Command-Line can be helpful for A+, but you do not need to be a professional. If you plan on learning skills like Cisco Networking then these skills… Continue reading Brief PowerShell and Windows Command-Line Introduction