Ads and Data Analysis

Whether or not our devices are listening to us is a pretty big concern, and ads are usually provided as evidence. However, warentless wiretapping is as old as The Patriot Act, and always-on devices can catch private details. However, that’s a sticky topic I do not want to address. I did once have a coworker… Continue reading Ads and Data Analysis

Developing a Hobby: Chess

Learning how to program can be a daunting task, especially on its own. It requires a lot of perseverance and an ability to accept being wrong. If you’re trying to embark on that path it helps to have a hobby that keeps your mind active. Full disclosure, I hate Chess, but I learned how to… Continue reading Developing a Hobby: Chess

Scrapping Migration + NodeJS upgrade

I can’t really find a hosting plan that’s affordable for me with my current traffic stats. In order to maintain great traffic ratings I need to be posting daily, and even then great for me is not great for most people. This is kind of a niche field, and I just don’t care enough to… Continue reading Scrapping Migration + NodeJS upgrade

Book Review: The Removed by Brandon Hobson

Where The Dead Sit Talking by Brandon Hobson is probably one of my favorite books. As a Native American it’s difficult to find decent representation in media, and I saw a lot of similarities between the protagonist Sequoyah and myself. Primarily the rough lifestyle we shared, and how to some degree we overcame our circumstances.… Continue reading Book Review: The Removed by Brandon Hobson

Creating a Linux+ Study Environment

In order to prepare for Linux+ it is incredibly important to have several distributions on your machine simultaneously. When I studied for Linux+ in college I only used Ubuntu Server and Fedora Workstation. However, as it’s pointed out in the Sybex study guide different distributions are like different models of cars with their own pros… Continue reading Creating a Linux+ Study Environment

Portfolio and Resume Advice from Experience

One thing I’ve noticed interacting with people on LinkedIn is that portfolios are kind of the darkside of programming. They’re absolutely essential for landing an internship or even a job, but assembling one let alone representing one can be daunting, and keep you up after midnight. Much like a first date it can be easy… Continue reading Portfolio and Resume Advice from Experience

Freestyle Rap and Programming

Whenever I bring up my past as a rapper the conversation always drifts towards music. Honestly, I never intended to become a freestyle rapper. Back around when I had just dropped out of high school I met some “hackers”. They were playing an online game where the goal was to direct traffic to a specific… Continue reading Freestyle Rap and Programming

Personal Health ‘n Stuff

Since I’m trying to post daily I figured I’d go ahead and give some updates on life. First things first, a year ago I had a stroke due to abnormally sticky blood and a flap in my heart. I had some issues with scheduling and communication with several doctors. One of them ended up prematurely… Continue reading Personal Health ‘n Stuff