Good Programming Comments

Writing good programming comments can be crucial to cooperation among programmers. Ideally variables and functions would be well named, but naming conventions are not perfect. Furthermore, code can become difficult to read pretty quickly. A lot of algorithms can be abstract, and you cannot control how built-in functions are named. They can also help when… Continue reading Good Programming Comments

Characters, Strings, and Arrays

Previously I wrote about primitive data types, and I’d like to expand on that by covering strings and arrays. For me, the easiest way to think of a string is as an array of characters; An array is just a collection of items that consist of a specific data type. In general, every character is… Continue reading Characters, Strings, and Arrays

Object Orientated Python Editor Update

My last post I had used a data structure to handle the words and their counts, but sorting that structure was messy. I played around with a few songs from a few major artists and bands, and found their song was typically between 374 and 601 words long. The few I dove deeper into generally… Continue reading Object Orientated Python Editor Update