Database Schema and API Finally Working Together

I’ve gone back and forth with myself on this topic because it was a tough problem to solve. Initially I decided on MySQL because I wanted a human readable schema, and JSON can be kind of difficult to read. However, a lot of the solutions I came across for handling JSON in Node.JS with MySQL… Continue reading Database Schema and API Finally Working Together

Updated Portfolio Page for Mobile Users

Once again another project that was a lot easier than I anticipated. The HTML and CSS portion was easy because it is easy to hide elements based on screen size. Typically you just create a “hide-mobile” ID, set its display type to none, and encapsulate you want hidden on mobile within the id. You can… Continue reading Updated Portfolio Page for Mobile Users

Bespoke Java Framework

I’ve been saying that a JavaScript framework would be overkill, so I am writing patchwork code. I actually realized that’s not all that necessary in JavaScript. As I’ve said before JavaScript supports OOP classes, which makes it easy to associate data types with one another. It’s also super nice because it means I can handle… Continue reading Bespoke Java Framework

Dynamic Portfolio Update

It turns out improving the layout of the portfolio took a lot less effort than I expected. As a result, I rolled out the update sooner than I expected. Some of the challenges I faced were with rendering CSS properly, and figuring out how to keep all of the projects aligned properly. If you look… Continue reading Dynamic Portfolio Update