NodeJS Progress Update (October 2nd, 2023)

I ran into a few snags, but for the most part I have everything for the main site in place on the development subdomain. The express server code performs MySQL queries just fine and everything. There are little changes I’ll need to make like getting all the images into place and getting their names into the database so they’re pulled up as you scroll through the projects. That won’t take long, neither will getting the application into place. However, before I get the server set up for application development I want to get my new blog into place on that subdomain too. The biggest roadblock I see myself running into is figuring out how I’m going to handle database connections. I don’t like how they’re handled currently, but I don’t have a good alternative either.

I think in a week or two it should be all set for a full deployment. I’m going to hold off on creating content regularly using wordpress until I’ve finally finished that deployment to minimize the amount of content I need to convert to the new setup. I’m going to do my best to ensure as much content as possible from the blog seamlessly transfers over so there’s no loss. However, one thing is that comments won’t be possible on any posts. That may change at some point, but I doubt it. I don’t get a whole lot of engagement nowadays. Not a huge deal, the original point of this site was to prove I know what I’m doing. I really can’t wait to get the new site into place.

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