Scrapping Migration + NodeJS upgrade

I can’t really find a hosting plan that’s affordable for me with my current traffic stats. In order to maintain great traffic ratings I need to be posting daily, and even then great for me is not great for most people. This is kind of a niche field, and I just don’t care enough to… Continue reading Scrapping Migration + NodeJS upgrade

Freestyle Rap and Programming

Whenever I bring up my past as a rapper the conversation always drifts towards music. Honestly, I never intended to become a freestyle rapper. Back around when I had just dropped out of high school I met some “hackers”. They were playing an online game where the goal was to direct traffic to a specific… Continue reading Freestyle Rap and Programming

Updated Portfolio Page for Mobile Users

Once again another project that was a lot easier than I anticipated. The HTML and CSS portion was easy because it is easy to hide elements based on screen size. Typically you just create a “hide-mobile” ID, set its display type to none, and encapsulate you want hidden on mobile within the id. You can… Continue reading Updated Portfolio Page for Mobile Users