Scrapping Migration + NodeJS upgrade

I can’t really find a hosting plan that’s affordable for me with my current traffic stats. In order to maintain great traffic ratings I need to be posting daily, and even then great for me is not great for most people. This is kind of a niche field, and I just don’t care enough to write sensationalized content or utilize all sorts of graphics in a short time frame. I will likely end up retooling the main website as some point though.

This plan supports PHP because that’s pretty standard on servers, and MySQL communicates with PHP just fine. It won’t necessarily be as pretty as the NodeJS setup could have been, but that’s okay. It’ll give me more freedom as I plan to look for a job in the future that won’t require 80 hours in a warehouse, and time to study for Linux+. If I’m honest with myself I’m not convinced that a NodeJS site would be enough to secure a job. There are a lot of hoops to jump through nowadays, and the system is really designed for kids who can afford to put off an internship until the last minute (in cases where it’s required).

Sorry about all the hype. It’s just way more expensive than I thought when I read the fine print. Plans that are advertised as full price at $15/month are actually $20/month, and some get to nearly $80/month after all the added fees. It’d feel pretty irresponsible for someone in my position to spend that kind of money on a website. I never intended to pull the plug like this though. I’ll get more content up in the coming days.

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