Bespoke Java Framework

I’ve been saying that a JavaScript framework would be overkill, so I am writing patchwork code. I actually realized that’s not all that necessary in JavaScript. As I’ve said before JavaScript supports OOP classes, which makes it easy to associate data types with one another. It’s also super nice because it means I can handle two similar objects differently. For example, I am going to redesign the resources page in the coming days. It will look similar to the portfolio, but the description of each resource will be longer. I could either write two independent scripts and classes, or a parent and child class. I am going with a parent and child class.

At the end of the day the reason why is that it resembles a framework. Every element I add to either page will fit the same sort of uniformity that is enforced across this site by CSS, but that uniformity would be further reinforced by JavaScript. Another benefit is that all the code will be in one place. This will make it easier for me to refactor that code. It is possible that refactoring the code may not make it more efficient in the future, and if it does not have that effect it’s okay. The most important aspect is uniformity across content. In the coming days I plan on releasing content to help explain Object Orientated Programming concepts. What I’m doing with this project is the reason for that content.

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