Dynamic Portfolio Update

It turns out improving the layout of the portfolio took a lot less effort than I expected. As a result, I rolled out the update sooner than I expected. Some of the challenges I faced were with rendering CSS properly, and figuring out how to keep all of the projects aligned properly. If you look at the script pay careful attention to the logic and order of execution in the functions. The overall setup is pretty standard Object Orientated Programming, but those functions are something else.

The first thing you may notice is that I use an empty string with innerHTML. The reason why is that it allows me to give people a starting point. At one point I was going to put a bold message to hit the button first. Since I have to regularly remove elements before incrementing the array and appending new elements, it makes the whole thing pretty tricky. That’s why at the moment navigation is only in one direction. If you do check the portfolio you will see that everything is listed by programming language or topic. I will try to figure out a solution for navigating through projects both ways.

The reason I made this update is that adding a project is now as easy as creating a small JavaScript object and sticking it into the appropriate array. As a result, the portfolio page itself is now much more simple. I also did not want to use a framework because it’s really not necessary. Everything is organized just fine on its own.

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