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Since I’m trying to post daily I figured I’d go ahead and give some updates on life. First things first, a year ago I had a stroke due to abnormally sticky blood and a flap in my heart. I had some issues with scheduling and communication with several doctors. One of them ended up prematurely taking me off medication, and I refused any surgery at all as a result. Well, last month my coping mechanism for depression, which involved eating way too much unhealthy food finally caught up with me.

I spent roughly a week in the hospital, and most of that time on an oxygen mask. Doctors said it was due to medication, but the surgeon said it was still a good idea to get my Pancreas removed. Furthermore, despite intentionally losing over 20+ lbs in the past month alone gallstones could still be a problem in the future. As a result I have two surgeries coming up at some point in the future. I thought I had put it all behind me, but my current treatment plan could cause congenital heart failure.

The good news is I’ll be fine if I take care of everything before it’s an emergency. More good news is that I can run a few miles again. After my stroke I could barely handle sustained activity, but after a year of hard work it feels pretty natural. I do feel a little weaker at my current weight, but it’s not a prohibitive change. However, it may be a little difficult to keep daily posts consistent. I will do my best to avoid getting too personal, but I know there were people concerned on LinkedIn last year. It’s fine it’s not the first time I’ve had to tell the grim reaper to go love himself.

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