How AI can Improve Music

According to my mom I’ve been a musician since before I could walk. She would fight me to get the Harmonica out of my mouth, and that progressed into playing piano. From there, I learned to play guitar and I’ve been playing ever since. In fact, I learned guitar specifically because I was cat fished… Continue reading How AI can Improve Music

Ads and Data Analysis

Whether or not our devices are listening to us is a pretty big concern, and ads are usually provided as evidence. However, warentless wiretapping is as old as The Patriot Act, and always-on devices can catch private details. However, that’s a sticky topic I do not want to address. I did once have a coworker… Continue reading Ads and Data Analysis

Ads and Eavesdropping

The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica Scandal occurred right around my freshman year of college. The timing could not have been better for me because I needed to give an in depth presentation on something current in my public speaking class. I chose the topic because of its political implications at the time, and the misunderstanding surrounding algorithms.… Continue reading Ads and Eavesdropping