Streamlined Portfolio Design

Currently this website utilizes solely vanilla HTML and CSS, but over the next few days that will change. I have been playing around with an idea in vanilla JavaScript that now seems to work. The trick seemed to be to use class objects yet again. What I am doing is combining the text for the title, image, and project link into a single data object. On your end it would not change anything at all, but it would make the code a lot easier for me to read and maintain. However, I may end up changing the navigation too.

I have two different ideas I am playing with in my head for navigation. Either way the content will be more organized, but I cannot decide if I want to list several projects at once or let you loop through them individually. My thinking currently is that iterating through each individual project is overkill. Either way the projects will be organized by programming language with Machine Learning having its own category. The minor difference in design required will probably take a day or two of work. In the meantime I plan on breaking down the difference between responsive and dynamic design.

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