Common BASH functions

I finally put together a new article that’ll be live before you see this post on common BASH functions. I’ve been working my way through Linux+ prep, and even wrote a program to do some Linux BASH stuff in a slightly more user friendly format. I threw together a massive article with tons of pretty… Continue reading Common BASH functions

Updated BASH Script

I went ahead and updated the script that handled a lot of BASH tasks. It now has something resembling a user menu, and a series of if and else-if branches. It walks the user through each task asking for the relevant information in the terminal, stores the information into a variable, and then performs the… Continue reading Updated BASH Script

Automating Simple and Common Linux Tasks

As I study for Linux+ I am working on writing BASH scripts to help reinforce my memorization. A lot of this stuff is review for me, but it’s still nice to have it fairly present in memory. All things considered, the way Linux handles directories can be a little confusing. A directory is basically a… Continue reading Automating Simple and Common Linux Tasks

Exploring Linux via Terminal

The Linux terminal is easily the most intimdating feature of Linux, but also the source of its power. On Windows if you want to find a file you typically browse through directories with or without shortcuts to those directories. You can do that on Linux too if you really want, but BASH is incredibly powerful.… Continue reading Exploring Linux via Terminal