Exploring Linux via Terminal

The Linux terminal is easily the most intimdating feature of Linux, but also the source of its power. On Windows if you want to find a file you typically browse through directories with or without shortcuts to those directories. You can do that on Linux too if you really want, but BASH is incredibly powerful. The “list” function, which is “ls” in BASH can list directories and their contents quickly. It has plenty of options to limit what you see or alter how you see all the information. The “present working directory” or “pwd” command can also remind you where you’re located. The two commands can make a pretty normal function on Windows quicker and less tedious.

I recorded a video using the “list” and “present working directory” commands. I also created a file in Vi so you can get a feel for the editor, and see how files are displayed. I did all of this in Fedora, but it would not be all that different in any other distribution. There are software packages and features that are pretty standardized across Linux distributions. Anyway, the video is about three minutes long and you can check it out below.

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