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About a week ago I had surgery to patch a flap in my heart. I took it easy for a bit and binged some old movies to relax. As I got my content together I remembered that I changed my API layout to break up content into Application Development or IT. That means I’ve had to rewrite the script that retrieved the featured posts based on subject. That script now works, but I have only written four articles on IT. I don’t want to pad my content by any means, but I want to write a fifth article on tech.

Currently I think I want to touch upon customizing PCs for hypothetical clients, and why laptop repair could be a bad business model. As gaming laptops become more common it is important to understand topics such as form factor and cooling. I’ll probably be writing more content focused on Linux in the coming weeks and months. Back when I first got into technology the advice I commonly read was to learn how to hack in Linux to better understand Windows. It’s a useful springboard because there is a ton of freedom to explore operating systems with Linux.

For example, you can compile and install your own Linux kernel. An operating system kernel is the core code that the system runs on. Sometimes it’s helpful to know this stuff to debug hardware support issues. In fact, in one of my first interviews for an internship I mentioned how I once played around with low level Linux files and the kernel itself to fix some USB issues I was having. While the interviewer was impressed, I was not a good fit for the job. Considering tech and CS majors often require an internship for graduation it was frustrating. Anyway, that’s probably where content once the site has migrated.

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