Updating and Installing LDAP on Rocky Linux

After summarizing the type of authentication servers that are available on Linux, I thought it would be fun to install LDAP. The first step is to always update the Operating System. As you’ll see in the video below I had never actually updated Rocky so it took a few minutes. I then tried to find the package in a repository associated with Rocky Linux, but no luck for some reason. A repository is just a collection of packages handled by a package manager in Linux. Repositories are great because they help avoid dependency issues, and make the installation process very streamlined. Anyway, I did end up finding a repository with the LDAP packages I needed.

There’s a few things I did in the video below though before I found those packages. I enabled the “plus” repository, which by default is disabled. Then when that failed me I used the “cat /etc/os-release” command to read the “os-release” file in the “/etc” directory. Repositories can differ among major version changes, so sometimes it’s helpful to have that information on hand. Reading information in the terminal itself can be a lot quicker than pulling up an independent utility, and in fact that is the role of Pagers. Pagers are utilities in Linux that let you read text files page by page. The two main ones are “more” and “less.” Anyway, upon verifying my version the final step was to find a valid repository with the packages required.

The Linux terminal has a super handy utility for downloading information and stuffing it in a specified area: wget. There’s a lot of options you can use with “wget” depending on what you’re trying to do, and I highly recommend checking the man pages. Because as handy as repositories can be they are not perfect. Repositories are managed by amazing volunteers who build and test packages so that you or I can download them with a single command. You can see all of this in action in the video below.

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