Update for Resources Page

This script to update my resources page is rolling out a lot more quickly than I had anticipated. The script also incorporates JSON style arrays alongside class objects, which is not what I had initially anticipated. However, since the new resource page has no clickable links I do not need to perform any sort of magic like I do with the portfolio page. I wanted to give a parent-child relationship, but it just was not worth it in this case in JavaScript. I also made some little changes with the buttons, and I will likely more little changes around the site with time to come. From here on out for the moment I think my focus will be on providing more IT based content as I initially intended with this website.

I think it might be neat to cover topics such as Distributed Denial of Service attacks, hardware specifications, and network topology. They would not be fully comprehensive for the CompTIA trifecta but hopefully they’d be decent supplements to the wealth of knowledge out there already. I quit my job to ensure I will have time to make intermediary appointments between my surgeries, my surgeries, and any follow-ups. As a result I will have plenty of free-time in the meantime.

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