Quick Migration Update

Over this past weekend I binged John Wick Chapters 1-4, and I’m kind of proud of myself. I feel like whenever I talk about myself people tend to miss what I’m actually sharing, and jump straight to positivity. Learning how to program the way I did is ridiculously difficult, and I’ve missed out on a lot over the years. It’s easy to justify that sort of behavior with a growth mindset, but at some point it’s necessary to take a step back and relax. As a result content has stagnated these past few days. Unfortunately, that trend is going to continue here on out for a few reasons.

Choosing a good Virtual Private Server plan is no easy task. They can be a lot more expensive than shared plans, and functionality differs across providers. For example, it is very easy to take site migration for granted and yet sometimes it’s kind of expensive. Other times it’s free, but only within certain limitations that are difficult to quantify. Then of course you have hardware resources vs metered and unmetered bandwidth. So I’m taking my time because I do not want to have to make this decision again in the future. Another reason content will die down is to make migration possible.

Since I plan on using my own blog I need to make sure all the content fits the new style. My system will basically query a database for links and serve them onto the page. The pages will be created on my PC, not the server. The primary benefit is that it will reduce the need for an admin panel. However, it is more work than a traditional CRUD app since I cannot simply hit “post.” On the positive side, it will be a lot less work than the current system I have in place, and it will not have an admin panel. At the end of the day though it should not be much longer if I sit down and get to work.

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