Top Five Project List on Future Blog Posts

A while back I was going to use Six Sigma to justify streamlining my website. However, I slept on it and ended up coming with another idea I like a lot more, which is to just display the five most relevant projects. Anything related to web design would be covered by the fact I plan on using NodeJS, and so then I just have to worry about tech or app dev. As a result I created two more routes on the Express server, and just render that information client side.

The nice thing about this system is that whenever the database is updated the list will update automatically. Well, as long as the page has been refreshed since the database update. The primary benefits is that it lets me direct traffic from this developer log straight to projects, and it’s fairly hands-off.

A new top five list will be automatically generated when a blog post loads. The list will also be automatically updated when the database is updated.

Since I am not going to try to implement batched processing, the site is nearly complete. The reason why is that either way I need to make API calls. If I make six calls and store three in the browser, then I still made six calls. Instead, I’m just going to focus on connecting everything now and deciding on a VPS plan.

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