A Brief Introduction to Social Engineering

I remember being in Math class when I first read the name Anna Sorokin, and I blew it all off as nothing. Con artists are nothing new, and aside from the fact she took on some massive banks the same applied to her. While Inventing Anna was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a very long time, her plan was very simple. She falsified some documents in Word, and used an app on her phone to disguise her voice. There are very simple steps the banks could have taken to avoid such a major problem, and I am not sure they did their due diligence. Anyway, I wrote an article on some things you can do to prevent being a victim.

The article has nothing to do with Inventing Anna this time around because I do not want to be credited with encouraging copycats. I also kept it pretty light and focused more on preventative measures because the article is not meant to be a how-to guide. Social Engineering can be a very serious crime, and I do not recommend it at all. At the same time a little humor or confidence and purpose can get you just about anywhere, including into relationships. When you realize that humans are just humans life can get a lot easier in a lot of ways. On the other hand, it also makes it easier to secure your organization and ensure operation remains profitable.

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