Connecting This Blog and Creating Videos

So this is my first update of what I’m doing to this site, and you may notice every page links to this blog. I also created a video for my Python Word Editor, but I intend to combine that one and the PDF generator at some point. I mostly broke it up like that to pad my content and improve my SEO ranking. However, I think combining the two would create a more natural product. Furthermore, demonstrative videos and communication like this fills the gap in content. In order to understand where I’m coming from you need to understand SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is designing your website in such a way that search engines rank it highly. There are many aspects to consider, and one of the primary characteristics is user engagement. The longer a user sticks around a webpage the better it looks for the search engine. That means the content is highly engaging, and highly relevant to their search. With that said it is also important to make content regularly if you want to rank high in the results of search engines. The world is an ever changing place, and rankings are not static.

That is why my strategy is changing, and as it changes the videos will change too. Right now they are strictly demonstrative, but in the future there will be audio to go along with the videos. They will still be relatively short because I am hosting the videos. I am not providing videos for anything analytical in nature (aside from One-Way Anova) because descriptive analysis is different from application development. I went ahead and updated the pages below with videos or scripts or both.

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