NodeJS portfolio deployment (sorta)

I have sort of deployed the NodeJS version of this website. However, it is on a port that is not 80 or 443. The reason why is that I am running a NodeJS express server on top of this web server. It’s how I designed the NodeJS application from the beginning. The good news is that it generally works, and you can access it here. The bad news is that I need to play around with nginx to get the configuration I’m after, if it’s even possible at all. One thing that has me concerned is that self-signed HTTPS certificates return browser warnings, and that’ll throw most people off. Redirects can also be pretty iffy because of the old days where you’d be redirected to bad sites.

In any case, that site is functional and connects to a database. The content there is no different than the content on the main site. There are likely some bugs and whatnot I need to work on with that subdomain. However, if you wanted to see what I had planned for this site and where it may go in the future you can check it out at the link above.

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