Preparing for Linux+ Certification

Linux+ and I have a bit of history because it is the first CompTIA exam I tried, and I failed. I absolutely demolished my classes, and my professors told us to schedule the exam a week after classes ended. Back then the Linux+ Certification was still good for life too, so there would be no requirement to renew it in the future. However, the software we used for the classes only handled multiple choice questions. Anyone who has taken a CompTIA exam can tell you the hardest part are the simulated performance based questions.

Simulated Performance Based Questions (PBQs) typically require several steps to perform the goal. You are graded on both accuracy and completeness, and they can make or break your exam score. I went into that room with plenty of experience, and even knew some of the multiple choice questions. However, I was completely unprepared for the simulations. As a result, my score was not even 600, and you need 720 to pass. That was a while ago and I’ve collected a few certifications so I am giving the certification another shot. Besides, my certification will expire in two years, this will renew them all, and provide another stacked certification.

Whether or not the certification is absolutely required for a job is hard to say. For me the motivation is to help validate my experience running web servers as I migrate to a Virtual Private Server. They usually run on Linux, and in my experience it helps to have both certification and experience with software such as Linux. My strategy is to rely on Sybex and Jason Dion’s Linux+ Practice Tests on Udemy. For less than $100 I should have the multiple choice questions and PBQs covered with plenty of practice tests.

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